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Madhya Pradesh Urban Infrastructure Investment Programme, (Project Utthan), is a three year partnership programme (2013 – 2015) between DFID, Government of UK and Government of Madhya Pradesh with a grant of £ 27.4 million. The goal of the programme is to to achieve sustained and equitable access to basic services and infrastructure (water and sanitation) and reduced disease burden on children in urban areas in Madhya Pradesh. The Purpose of MPUIIP is to enable urban local bodies (ULBs) in MP to mobilise resources to provide more equitable and sustainable basic services especially to women. MPUIIP builds on the recently concluded Madhya Pradesh Urban Services for the Poor Programme (MPUSP) which was a six year programme from 2006 – 20112. The project implementation is by Urban Administration and Development Department (UADD) and the Technical Assistance is provided by GHK Development Consultants India Private Limited (ICF GHK).

The programme aims achieve the following outputs:

  • Better facilitation and operationalization of private sector investment in urban basic services
  • Improved transparency, accountability and effectiveness of ULB functioning especially for women
  • Greater financial security from land and improved access to basic services for poor people
  • Clean and more energy efficient urban services

The expected outcomes of the programme are to:

  • Water and Sanitation: Provide additional poor people with sustainable access to improved and clean drinking water and sanitation facility
  • Private Sector Financing: Catalyse private sector investments towards improving basic service delivery in urban areas targeting the urban poor
  • Revenue mobilisation: Cities able to generate additional own-source revenue and additional
  • Improved service delivery: More people getting direct benefit from improved municipal frontline services including birth & death registration, trade and license fee payments, property tax payments, user charges payments etc.
  • Leverage public resources: Leverage central / state government resources towards urban development at least half of which targeting urban poor
  • Women’s empowerment: Urban poor women empowered and secure access to credit and land tenure.

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