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♦  व्यावसायिक परीक्षा मण्डल से सीधी भर्ती (वर्ष - 2013) की प्रतीक्षा सूची से चयनित उपयंत्रियो के  नियुक्ति आदेश        
Govt. Orders Circulars
Transfer Order Dated 13 Apr 2015
श्री बी.एस चौहान, उपायुक्त नगर पालिक निगम, सागर(मुख्य नगर पालिका अधिकारी) को निलंबन से बहाल.....
श्री अरुण नामदेव, उपयंत्री, नगर पालिका परिषद्, दतिया को समान सामर्थ पर स्थानांतरित करते हुए..........
श्री एम.पी. सिंह, अपर आयुक्त, नगर पालिका निगम, जबलपुर को स्थानांतरित करते हुए..........
Transfer Order List Dated 10 Apr 2015
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With the foundation of the Republic of India in 1950, and consequent to reorganization of states, Madhya Pradesh assumed its status in 1956. It was geographically the largest state until 2000. In 2000, the Chhattisgarh region was carved out to create a new state; even then it is the second largest state after Rajasthan. It covers 9.5% of the area (308,000 Sq.Km) and houses 6 per cent of the country’s population (72.5 million). On the basis of the size of urban population in the country, it ranks 8th and accounts for 5.58 per cent of the total urban population. 476 cities and towns of Madhya Pradesh accommodate 20.1 million populations and following....Read More>>
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